“Mumma”… By Suchita Pandey

I saw my mother and learnt what selfless love is,
but when I tried to be the same, all I got was nothing but a heart full of questions, grudges and unfulfilled expectations !!
And that’s where I realised, why there is no other like a Mother.
No one can love the significant other without expectations, but a Mother !!

Memories which are buried in my heart: by ARHAM KHAN

Little she smiles
Little i’m shy
She hold my hand in the mall
Little bit we had fear
Bt i tightened her hand
To face the world ;
From her eyes , the glow in them
Soften my heart ,soften her hairs
Little we entered in Restaurant
She ordered my fav pizza
But her stomach was full
Then also she ate
In the love of mine….

Memories which are buried in my heart : ARHAM KHAN

“I Choose”…… by Kriti Tiwari


I choose to give up on all those people
who once mattered

I choose to give up on all those who once
said ” will be there to support you each time
you need me “

I choose to give up on all those who carry
that pretentious look and fakeness from
“Head to toe”
And still say ” I m just a call away “

I somehow managed to find a beeline for all the ” Ostentatious” people out there , so
that I can lead a stress free life

Kriti Tiwari


You have to breathe
Till the air stop flowing in your lungs
You have to live,
For me
Fight for you life
Till the end
You have to survive
For me,
I’m right here
Don’t you miss me
I couldn’t live my life
But I want to enjoy it through your eyes !!


The boy I love
A little bit messy
Yet in a good condition
A little bit ruined
Yet perfect
A little bit less classy
Yet a gentleman
A little bit stupid
Yet very intelligent
A little bit mine
Yet not mine
A beautiful disaster


Behaya sa hogya hu mai
Na ghar walo ki sunna
Na kisi ka kehna
Ajeeb sa hota jara hu mai
Har ghadi badalta jara hu mai
Azmaish ke dour khatm ho gye
Na jane kisse bhag raha hu mai
Kuch pal mai zindgi badal jaegi
Fr bhi lamhe ni jee para hu mai
Khali pan ki aadat hogai hai
Firbhi koi umeed dhund raha hu mai
Thehar jata wo waqt kahi
Jisko aj bhi dhund raha hu mai


Ek mudatto mai hai shamil
Jo hai is dil ke h kabil
Na kabhi chaha kisi ko
Na kabhi socha kisi ko
Jo sune dil ki ye duhai
Jo kare dil ki ye ruswai
Kabhi guzro to pass ana
Lotkar darwaza bajana
Milenge ek shaam mai kabhi
Chirago mai shamma hoge jo jali
Pass fIrse wo aae
Nur bankar yu chahe
Pyar itna tha beech
Ke dur jaa bhi na pae

Right Next To Me:- by DEEPAK PARIHAR


I can feel you sitting right here,

Right next to me…

I can trace your fragrance

But can’t feel your touch…

I looked in your eyes

I saw a world,

Our world, which was so full of love

But now there left is me,

With your memories and your soul

That makes me conceive that you are with me,

Sitting right here, right next to me

A wind Blew,

Taking you away from me

Taking our world away from us

But unfortunately forgot to take one thing,

You memories,

Memories that made me laugh

Memories that made me cry

Memories that kill me every moment

And will kill me forever….!


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