“The Restless Road”… By Ambuj Bihari Satpathy

I can take you to the highest Inn The purest at dishes and beds divine So tirelessly tried to get you through all immense feeling with sweetest emotions flow You don't get worried, hurried or restless by I am there to take of all your wishes cry But you don't agree didn't have patience at... Continue Reading →


When good morning mam was our song, Blue pen was right and red pen meant wrong, When stealing lunch boxes was not a crime, Next class after lunch were never on time, When teachers were strict, but some were crush, When smiles were real and love made us blush.

सैनिकों की पत्नियों को समर्पित:- मुदिता तिवारी

आप में से कई लोग होंगे जिनके परिवार में से कोई भारतीय सेना में शामिल हो कर मातृभूमि के प्रति अपने कर्तव्य का निर्वहन कर रहा होगा। तमाम व्रत त्यौहार उनकी गैरमौजूदगी में मनाने पड़ते होंगे। जब वे अपने हाथ हथियार उठाने के बढ़ाते होंगें तब आप उनकी सकुशल वापसी के लिए दुआ करते होंगे।... Continue Reading →


Little more Everything is same Except the care I do for you It's little more than Its used to Everything is same Except the talks We do now and then It's little more than Its used to Everything is same Except the chats Interests we had It's little morer than Its used to Everything is... Continue Reading →

The good old days… -By Kriti Tiwari

The scribbled pages on the back of my notebook. The black and white images in the history books. The fragrance of the flowers from the orchid Of the backyard. The interval breaks and the discovery of new games. I wish I could bring the good old days back again.  


Time! The Almighty Will show you How many faces People Around you Wear. Time The Almighty Will show you, You are mere A Player Being Played by others. Time! The Almighty Will let you know The power within you That'll supersede the dirt, The circumstances filled In you. Time The Almighty Will show you You... Continue Reading →

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